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Jaclyn Dima 

"Jaclyn Dima’s songwriting is unapologetic about balancing what’s proven with playful leaps into the unexpected, resulting in infectious songs brought to life by the rest of the band."

The Shakey Tables

"The Shakey Tables has a sound that transcends generations. The music is timeless, and the artists are impeccable in their craft. What more could you ask for?"

"I was lucky enough to stumble into the children's playroom in my building one afternoon and found Jaclyn entertaining some one year old children. She was great and provided all sorts of different things for the children to do: songs; bubbles; instruments. My daughter and I were looking for entertainment for my granddaughter's birthday party and I knew when I saw Jaclyn we had found the perfect person. On the day of the party my granddaughter and her friends had a blast!!!"

Fiddle Foxes - Music for Kids Who Love to Rock!

Online Concerts

The lockdown of 2020 spawned a yearning for simpler times. All That and a Bag of Chips was a series of online concerts filled with music from the 90s, performed with husband Mike Graves on drums.

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