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Music for Kids

As a professional musician, teaching and entertaining children and families has been the most exciting and rewarding part of my career for the past decade. 


My mission is to bring the most fun and engaging musical events and experiences to kids and families in NYC and worldwide.


I work closely with families, schools, businesses, and non-profits to curate the best musical experiences for your specific needs. Let's make memories together!mories together!

In 2013, I was honored to be hired and mentored by the incredible Laurie Berkner. Laurie quickly became my friend and taught me everything she knows. I followed my heart to follow in her footsteps, and I am currently recording my original children's music to be released on all streaming platforms this year.

Concerts & Festivals 

I have entertained thousands with my interactive concerts, designed to have the whole family singing and dancing along. Both kids and adults are guaranteed to have a blast during the show.

Schools & Day Cares

I specialize in providing high-quality music education for early childhood development. My classes are provided year-round and are tailored to each age group (infant to 6 years) to meet their diverse backgrounds and interests.

Parties & Playdates

Planning your child’s birthday party? Or maybe even a playdate with friends…whatever you plan, bring it to life with music! You bring the friends, and I get the instruments, props, puppets, a parachute, and bubbles!


Fiddle Foxes is an early childhood music education and entertainment company led by Co-founders, Jaclyn Dima and Tracy Thorne. Playing all of your favorite songs and original Fiddle Foxes tunes while engaging kids in rhythm, call, and response, dancing, music theory, imaginative play, and not to mention...the best bubble time in NYC! Their dream was to create a program like no other. A magical journey that would truly cultivate that twinkle and spark in a child's eyes when they hear a catchy tune or beautiful melody. An experience where a kid can let out his/her inner rock-star while learning the basics of music theory. After years of planning, writing, creating characters and original songs, a class was born as a labour of love. Learn more about Fiddle Foxes!

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